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theme 06 → delicate

a theme that’s lightweight

this theme is part of a pair - keep a look out for its sister theme, which will be uploaded soon!

for more info, previews, and code:

preview 1 (400px) / code

code for 2 columns

*** leave the credit alone. do not move the credit or remove it. ***

*** do not redistribute this theme as your own. ***


update 1/04/2014: fix for changed audio player, added code for 2 columns


* Sidebar/header image with square dimensions
* 400px or 500px post width
* Show caption/tags
* Small cursor option
* Up to 4 custom links
* Optional Pompiere web font for title
* 2 font choices
* Reblog links
* Optional sidebar on scroll
* Navigation links stay on top
* Optional faded images


Optimized for Chrome, works in all major browsers. Some elements will break in IE7 and older.


Send me an ask!

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